Cave or Commons?

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It's no surprise that millennials favor unconventional workspaces...  But what about the rest of us?  There has been a recent debate on whether the open-office design is the most productive work environment.  Recently, we've seen some backlash on the trend.  Although the open environment likely promotes camaraderie and collaboration, it also can prove to be distracting - especially for those who have long been comfortable in private offices.  A hybrid model allowing employees to have shared private spaces seems to be a new solution.

I could not help but think of Statler and Waldorf from Jim Henson's The Muppets heckling their co-workers as they see their newly designed space for the first time.


Divine Brick & Mortar

We have all been paying attention to online retail and its effect on traditional brick-and-mortar.  Amazon's recent purchase of Whole Foods and it's 450 stores is an interesting development in CRE.  After months of multiple announcements of big box retailers closing stores, it was refreshing to see the largest on-line retailer in the world make such a significant investment in brick-and-mortar real estate.

Whose Move?

The consolidation among commercial real estate firms over the last several years is changing the industry landscape.  Owners of locally operated brokerage companies love demonstrating their adoption of the REsimplifi application to potential investors.  By sharing how their firms are automating the transaction process and increasing the productivity of their broker teams, owners can illustrate and predict future success to prospective buyers.

The Original Everything Store

This sketch is based on the continuing trend and recent news about major retailers continuing to shutter stores.  It will be interesting to see how our CRE industry addresses this shift to online retail and how relevant some of the former retail giants will be to the next generation.

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Not so long ago in CREtech ...

We are poking a little fun here at our own.  It seems like the CREtech space took off around 2012.  I remember when we first had the idea for REsimplifi in 2012 that there was very little technology being embraced by sophisticated brokerage shops.  There are a ton of great technologies that have emerged since then, and we still have a long way to go.  My Moleskin, however, will never be replaced completely!  

©2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.

©2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.

Wisdom in Brokerage

So, this is drawn with my father in mind.  My dad has been in the CRE space for over 40 years; mostly in sales management.  He constantly worked with me and others to develop our business plans in a way that would differentiate us from our peers and enable us to sustain a high level of income year after year.  A couple of his comments I'd like to share, "It takes at least three years to learn the business" and "the smaller deals are often the most difficult".  We believe REsimplifi ramps younger agents up faster and helps to guide agents towards being more strategic about their priorities.

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The Science of Site Selection

This is a lighthearted look at our CRE developer brethren.  Their job is undoubtedly more complicated than we let on.  My guess is that most do get very excited when a Starbucks moves in across the street!

 ©2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                            

 ©2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.



Malls of America

So, we likely went off the rails a bit here ...  Suburban shopping centers have been trending down for some time now.  Across most markets infill development continues to build as city centers become denser.  This idea is that these two CRE developers have exasperated all of the potential options for repurposing this piece of real estate until one goes all in with the Orca ... 

© 2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.

© 2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.

Home from another Day at the Office

I believe that most people have no idea how difficult a Commercial Real Estate brokerage job is.  The drawing below is intended to show all the different skills brokers need to possess in order to be successful.  We believe REsimplifi can take some of this burden off of the brokers back by eliminating much of the unnecessary administrative work.

© 2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.

© 2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.

Life is better with REsimplifi.

There are a ton of new tools available to today's broker.  Many of which are new.  Brokers and managers are definitely experiencing some technology fatique after having purchased and not implemented multiple tools.  We understand this and work with brokers every single day to determine how they work and want they need to make their lives easier.  REsimplifi is here to make your life better so you can save time and make more money.

© 2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.

© 2017 Henry Moore | © 2017 REsimplifi, Inc.