Fast and Customized Transaction Documents

REsimplifi offers the only end-to-end transaction management system that auto populates transaction documents for any property type or client.  One of the highlights of our system that has become a critical, competitive advantage for our clients is to provide the best in class technology tools with ongoing, customized support to ensure your success.  When you sign up for our technology solution, our team will upload your customized transaction document templates and design an automated workflow to meet your needs.  The result?  One of the most time-consuming aspects of your daily job, document management, can now be streamlined.  You will be able to upload, automate and personalize your transaction documents within minutes versus hours.  This allows you to work with more clients, faster.

The REsimplifi team is committed to working with you beyond the initial setup of your system.  We continue to customize your work by designing a project management component to your document templates. This will allow you to assign tasks to individuals on your team and establish work groups to facilitate collaboration at every stage of the transaction process.  The intelligence and value of your system will grow as commonly used transaction details can be uploaded and stored into your document templates such as images, dates, and dollar amounts.  As you build and store all of your transaction details into a centralized document management system, you and your team can track assigned tasks and client deliverables with ease by reducing administrative bottlenecks and mitigating errors associated with any transaction calculations.